mo6Jerry “DJ J-Mo” Moore was born and raised in Houston, Texas and developed a love for music at an early age.J-Mo was just 5  years old when he started recording songs off the radio to make a compilation of his favorite songs as a training method for his expert mixing.  Inspired by the likes of Gerald Sampson, James Banks, Egypt E of the Terrorist, Dj Screw to name a few, J-Mo is determined to leave his mark in hip hop.

J-Mo first inched his way onto the hip-hop scene with the grass-roots approach of club gigs and creating mix-tapes.  As he continues to grow his brand, he has been collaborating with various local artists from Houston and the South Texas region on his upcoming mix-tapes.  He is currently working on a mix-tape with All About Our Grind (A.A.O.G.) a local group in Corpus Christi, Texas that he is a DJ for. J-Mo and A.A.O.G host a show every other Sunday called Grind Time Sundays at the Leaping Lizards bar in Flour Bluff, Texas. Most recently, he has teamed up with King Trill’s Stay Live Entertainment to work on promotions and building his exposure. 

DJ J-Mo  has wowed the music industry  with his flawless turntable skills, innovative production, and musical versatility. His passion for music shines through in everything he does. His love for and careful nurturing of his immense talents has enabled him to represent hip-hop with class, individuality, and high intensity. He states, ” Hip hop itself has fought its own battles of survival and my music transports that energy over to my listeners. True music lovers and hip hop heads will feel where I’m coming from because of the passion I have for what I’m doing. In other words, if you love hip hop then you will love my music!”